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Whale Found in Lake Erie 50 miles from Cleveland

A large fish or fresh water whale has been spotted in Lake Erie near Kelly’s Island about 50 miles from Cleveland. With the warming weather and the changing fish migration pattern the large fish may have followed smaller bait fish from the Detroit River.

Two boaters spotter the large fish while traveling from Sandusky to Kelly’s Island to open up their cabin for the summer.

Ernest T Bass and his friend Charlene almost ran over the fish as they crossed a shallow part of Lake Erie. “It was about 1/2 the length of my boat” said Mr Bass. ” I have never scene anything like it, and I have been boating for 25 years”

“The fish could have been dumped into the Detroit River or been migrating to the deeper end of eastern end Lake Erie”, said local fishing expert Ray White.

Either way the large fish may not last long in the fresh water, but the salt mines under Lake Erie could provide enough salinization to support a salt water environment.

Mr Bass was happy to be in the water so early in the season and looks forward to the possibility of seeing the large fish again. Something his best girl Charlene was happy to witness.

  • Jen

    I was swimming across Lake Erie with my friend from Lorain, Oh in 1992 on a very clear calm day. We were only about 3 miles out when we saw just 10 feet under us a group of 8-9 foot whale looking creatures. They had skin like a shark, a grey/brown color, were fat, and were moving gently, not hyper like a shark. A total sense of Awe just came over me as to behold these creatures. They seemed like a happy family of gentle giants and wasn’t fazed by me nor bothered me. I’ve never been able to find pictures of our Lake Erie fish that match what I saw. I knew when I saw it it was some type of whale. But when I looked what type of whale, they say there are no whales in Lake Erie. They are wrong we know what we saw clear as day and the Sun was shining right on them through the water. Has anyone else heard of such thing in Lake Erie? Or near?